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About The Coffee Shop NZ

So you want to know what makes us so great? There are a few things that will hopefully make us stand out from your typical Coffee Shop, first of all, we are not a Cafe we are a coffee accessories shop, we offer top of the line brewing equipment!

The best thing about being an online store is that we don’t have huge overheads which means we can deliver top-quality coffee products to your door at some of the best prices around! need I say more? Our goal is to guide people into becoming the greatest coffee hipster snob of all time, your friends will be in awe of your newly profound sophistication as you sip your premium brew from an enamel camping cup.

From Humble Beginnings

So where did we come from and how have we got here? The story is actually rather simple. We became addicted to the buzz of a good brew and decided to use the skills we had in website development and business to start the Coffee Shop NZ.

Our store has a big focus on brewing equipment nz, including coffee mugs, coffee filters and any other coffee accessories online you can find.

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