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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a bit confused? Check out some of our questions and answers below:

How do I choose?

Good question, and lucky for you we have a page dedicated to just this purpose, check out the how to decide page

Do you ship overseas?

As of now we are a New Zealand Coffee store and will only ship within New Zealand.

Do you offer free shipping?

On orders over $100, we will offer free shipping, unfortunately, to keep our prices low and until we figure out a better courier system shipping prices set, but likely to change often. Hopefully, in the future, all orders will ship for free!

Do all beans fit into my coffee machine?

All beans should fit into either manual or automatic grinders. With different grinds, it may mean you will need different grind settings to get a better extraction from your coffee.

How long will it take to get my order?

The courier shipping should be 1-3 days for local addresses and possibly a bit more for rural properties.

How long will the beans last?

Beans can last weeks or month if stored properly, the answer to this would need to be per packet or sale.

Do you sell the beans ground?

Not yet! but stay posted!!

How many cups of coffee is too much?

No such thing.

Do beans even taste different?

You would be very surprised! The best way to find out if by trying some of our selection

Can i have a discount?

Absolutely!! just check out our latest promos and see whats available, or sign up to our mailing list and get an instant 5% off your first purchase!

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes, and it will be the first place you find the latest promos! So sign up right away!

What Payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and mastercard payments through Braintree Payment Gateway, and also at some point should accept Laybuy and After Pay.

How long do enamal prints last?

Giving that you don't dishwash or use harsh scrubs, cup prints should last a significant amount of time. Prints can be damaged from dishwashers and harsh scrubs / soaps.

When will you restock products?

Most products which are out of stock will be re-ordered this generally will take upto 14 days for new products to be available. If you sign up to our mailing list you will be notified when new products arrive.

Can you find products for me?

We can absolutely help find products and would love any suggestions of new products.

What our Customers think?

The great thing is that this website focuses more on home supplies rather than business. Its fairly priced!

Quality was good & delivery was on time. Thanks for the products, looking forward to next purchase!

This was choice, took a couple days to arrive, but definitely my new go to for coffee supplies :) Thanks!!