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How to choose the right Coffee Beans?

Everyone has a different taste and no two people like the same Coffee, there are so many different ways that you can use different blends and so many different flavors and aromas from each bean, now whether or not you are looking for something strong and sweet, oaky and weak or bitter and milder then you have come to the right place, below we have a few different options of some of our products which hopefully can help you decide how or what coffee to choose.

Coffee Beans: How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans.

The best way to choose coffee beans is to understand your needs and what you want? the flavours aromas and how you plan to brew it

What do you need and what do you want from your coffee beans?

Depending on your taste preferences and methods of brewing, the best coffee beans may vary.

There is no one “best” coffee bean. But what will give you the best quality and flavour is the type of roast.

The Roast

A coffee roast is the process of applying heat to the coffee beans, thereby changing their makeup. The coffee bean starts out as a green bean with no taste. Then it is taken through multiple roasting cycles. After this, the bean begins to lose the green colour, and becomes dark brown with an aroma similar to roast coffee beans.

To change a coffee bean from green to roasted bean, the first step is to roast it.

How to choose your coffee beans

All coffee beans come from one of three varieties: Arabica (the best tasting coffee bean), Robusta (refined and bitter) and Lima (best suited to high-heat brewing).

Black coffee beans are the most common, served hot as a shot.

Coffee beans also come in several grades. Generally speaking, quality beans are of higher quality than poorer quality beans, but the best quality beans are most expensive to produce. To use coffee beans, one must know the grades of the beans.

Classical brewing

Coffee is a very common drink in most parts of the world. The traditional way to make coffee is with a double or single (which is how I personally drink my coffee) and brewed in a pot or a French press.

When you use the pot or French press method, it’s best to use freshly roasted coffee beans.

Different types of coffees

There are many different types of coffee but a brief description below.

Arabica – which has dark and very fruity flavour profile

Robusta – a milder version which has a buttery, nutty flavour profile

Nicaragua – a very robust type with a bitter, spicy flavour

Dominican – a very sweet type that has a strong, minty, lemon taste

Coffee beans do not grow in a uniform way. Each type has unique traits, a major one being their growth temperature and needs


Aroma is the reason for many coffee lovers to even drink the hot stuff in the first place. Rich and powerful, when it comes to aroma, so many people go all out and spend lots of time and money trying to get their chosen coffee beans to smell and taste their way.


When buying coffee beans or coffee extracts, or coffee as it is often called, try to have the correct ‘key’ to brew the coffee.

There are three keys:

‘Silky smooth mouth feel’. There is no significant difference between tasting coffee without a milk and without foam. The ‘feel’ in your mouth is the same as the foam.

Strength. Sometimes you want to extract a heavy and sweet flavour and sometimes you want it mild. Often you will feel like you want more strength, and then you will achieve a drier cup of coffee.

Temperature. In the café, if you wish to use an espresso machine, you will want it hot, not boiling. By buying a coffee from a coffee farm you will get a lower cost per cup, and an espresso machine is often a necessity to achieve this.

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