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Beginners Guide

The beginner guide to becoming a Coffee Enthusiast

When it comes to deciding on what products you need you first need to decide if you want to be a keen Enthusiast or a Coffee Hipster.

Don’t worry too much, there are only a few subtle differences between them, but let’s get you started, because whether or not you have an interest in Coffee or Coffee Culture, This is what you’re going to need.

Choice of Weapon

Also known as The Vessel. Most people need some sort of Mug, Enamel Cup, Shot Glass, or Espresso Cup to make a cup of Coffee, so assuming that you don’t have one we recommend one of our Prestein Enamel Mugs which are suitable for any situation including Camping, Glamping, Instagramming and Office Jamming! check out these bad boys!

The Strainers!

This is where things get serious. Because you’re on this site we are going to assume that;

1. You don’t drink instant coffee?

2. You will need to make your beans into Coffee.

So with that, you will need a Coffee Press or Slow Filtering System for producing your brew. Head along to our  Accessories page or check out these bad boys below!

Continue to read more about choosing your beans or check out the best way to choose a Strainer and Grinder.

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