Amber Leak-Proof Thermos Mug Travel Thermal Cup


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Double Stainless steel 304 Coffee Mug Leak-Proof Thermos Mug Travel Thermal Cup Thermosmug Water Bottle For Gifts

This mug will have been tested with the thermal insulation performance test (Room temperature 28 ℃, 97 ℃ boiling water filling test):

4 hours: >60℃, 6 hours: >54℃, 8 hours: >48℃

Because the coffee mug is insulated. You can hold it with your hands without any issues, it is leakproof and should last a while.

To clean and maintain we recommend using a soft cloth to clean, do not use a metal brush, so as not to cause scratches.


1. Be sure to wash before use.

2. Overfill with hot liquids over 55℃(122℉) is recommended. Do not fill beyond 0.25”(7mm) below the bottom of the threads. Overfilling can lead to spills and scalding. To prevent spills, ensure the lid is assembled properly and fully tightened before use. Hot liquids can cause scalding.

3. Please be cautious when drinking hot liquid directly from your mug.

4. Do not use sealable items with carbonated or fermenting beverages or foods. Doing so may cause pressure buildup and lead to lid failure and spills, which can scald, or forceful ejection of lid and contents, which can cause injury.


Made of double stainless steel 304, food-grade plastic lid

Keep warm/cold for 8-10 hours

Leak-Proof, BPA Free