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Mocha Espresso Percolator Pot Coffee Maker


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1.The mocha pot is a two-layer structure. After the water in the lower part is boiled, it is sprayed into the upper part of the pot through a mesh filter containing coffee powder.
2.Mocha coffee pot is made of high-quality aluminum material, the color is silver, high-temperature resistance, and easy to clean.
3.The top of the silver coffee pot features a small black plastic round head with a three-dimensional stripe design and a black plastic handle at the back of the pot.
4.Fine workmanship, more than Italian original, good thermal conductivity, with coffee pressboard (ie coffee press), the product is originally exported, available household gas stove, travel stove, and alcohol stove.
5.The Mocha pot is durable, the brewed coffee is thick and fragrant, and the unique layer of coffee oil is more popular.

1.High-quality aluminum material, exquisite workmanship, new styles, light visible.
2.Working principle of extracting coffee with high-temperature steam.
3.For coffee beans, deep-roasted espresso.

1.Fill the lower pot with fresh water and do not exceed the safety valve.
2.Pour the ground coffee powder into the filter bowl and flatten it with a coffee powder scoop.
3.Place the upper pot on the lower pot and properly tighten the beautiful and elegant thread.
4.Place the mocha pot on a gaslighter, alcohol stove, or induction cooker.
5.When there is water boiling, use a small fire to cook, wait for a little 2 minutes or so, remove the mocha pot from the fire source, so that the brewed coffee is very fragrant.
6.Pour the brewed coffee into the coffee cup and adjust it to enjoy a good life!


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