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Milk Frothing Thermometer Probe – For Coffee


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This is a great way to make sure you create a perfect temperatured coffee.


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Milk frothing temperatures vary depending on the type of milk being used. This coffee milk thermostat was designed to help you achieve that perfect temperature for hot coffee without any guesswork. With a range of 0-220 degrees, this thermometer probe can be used to quickly and easily monitor the temperature of your milk while it is in use with your coffee maker.

Whether you’re a barista or just want to know your milk is at the perfect temperature to enjoy the frothy goodness of coffee, this thermometer probe can help you achieve perfection. It features a slender retractable handle that allows you to easily place it on top of your milk and monitor its temperature without contaminating your milk with any metal otherwise known as an insulated probe. This stainless steel thermometer has an easy-to-read dial which will let you know when it’s time to pour yourself a steaming hot cup of Joe!

Sometimes the weight of a steaming mug of coffee is enough to make us feel a little less alone in the world. But until now, there were no reliable tools to help us learn how to create that perfect brew. That’s why when we came across this Milk Frothing Thermometer Probe for Coffee, we knew it was meant for us. After all, what other product offers a way to safely and accurately measure the temperature of your milk prior to frothing it up? The answer: nothing! This tool is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants their coffee just right.

This coffee milk thermostat is a must-have utensil for your coffee product arsenal.

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